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Compliance Grip provides alternatives for de-escalating a military or tactical situation through on-demand availability of non-lethal force without compromising the security of the user in a hostile situation.

The Challenge

In the field of tactical applications and law enforcement, conventional use of non-lethal compliance devices such as dispersing canisters requires one hand operation. The time needed to extract such a device from the carry case or holster makes this option impractical in a hostile environment as it could put the firearm-holding officer at risk while reaching for such a device.

The major difficulties are:

*The firearm may require both hands to keep muzzle control
*The non-lethal canisters are kept separately from the firearm requiring attention to diverted
*The intention to use a non-lethal option is made obvious to a possible aggressor giving him/her the opportunity to press an advantage
*The aforementioned issues force officers to make tough choices between lethal and non-lethal force to demand compliance.

The Solution

The problem is solved by a compliance device built into the fore grip of the firearm. With an integrated compartment for this alternative compliance device, such as a paper spray canister, aligned with the firearm’s muzzle and designed for the clearance required for deployment, the use of a non-lethal alternative becomes much more likely. We call this patent pending device "Compliance Grip".

The Advantages

The advantages of the "Compliance Grip" include:

*The constant presence of the non-lethal compliance device on the firearm aligned with the muzzle
*The ability to deploy non-lethal compliance device while retaining muzzle control and target acquisition.
*The Compliance Grip gives access to the alternative compliance action without taking hands off the firearm.
*The Compliance Grip allows access to all of the functions for safety and activation of the compliance device.
*The Compliance Grip expands the functionality of a conventional vertical stabilizing fore grip and can be used as such without limitation.
*The Compliance Grip utilizes an industry standard Picatinny railing system and quick connect function that opens possibility for first responders scenarios


For demostrations and duty use evaluations, contact us.

Compliance Grip - Platform Rifle Version

Compliance Grip adds the ability to deploy non-lethal force while retaining muzzle control, target acquisition and stability.

Compliance Grip Features a all metal design, quick connect picatinny mount, designed to work with .54oz and .75oz and equivalent canisters (not included).

Compliance Grip Handgun Verison. For police and military use only.

Compliance Grip Handgun Version provides a third option, when deployed, eliminating transition from lethal to non-lethal device. Quickly and Easily connect to most accessory rail equiped handguns.

Now you can deploy a spray device, increase stability, improve retention, improve potential range, and increase potential accuracy.

Currently this version of Compliance Grip is in the evaulation stage and not available for orders.

For inquiries reguarding participation in evaulation process, please contact us.

Contact: Active Defense Manufacturing LLC


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24 May 2016

Click HERE to download Compliance Grip Platform Rifle Flyer
Click HERE to download Compliance Grip Handgun Flyer

First Prototypes of all metal design are in!

5 August 2016

First of production prototypes have been delivered for testing and evaluation purposes. Inital testing have surpassed our expectations. Stay tuned for more updates.